Our 4 cottages are perfect to host small groups of up 27 guests, making them ideal for small retreats such as workshops, seminars, art or yoga classes and other multiple day events.

With its unique location amidst awe-inspiring landscapes and close proximity to the famous Painted hills, the Painted Hills Vacation is an ideal sanctuary! Free of modern-day distractions, noise and light pollution, this beautiful space is an invitation to relax, rejuvenate and connect with Mother Nature.

Classes or workshops, such as photography, writing, painting, hiking, bird watching, geology, yoga, bicycle tours, or any other type of retreat will be perfectly accommodated here. Family reunions and weddings are welcome too!

cycling in the painted hills
Painted Hills Cottage Sign with Violets


We can accommodate large groups of up to 30 guests with our 4 beautiful unique properties. The combination of sharing all cottages together, and, if needed, adding the small Dandelion Cabin, can truly make your retreat a special event! The cottages are all located side by side and across from each other on the quiet Rosenbaum Street, above the pioneer town of Mitchell. There are shared garden and yard areas between the properties that can be used freely. Event participants can choose private or shared rooms, or stay in the dormitory space in the largest Cottage. Each cottage has one or more bathrooms, living rooms and other hang out areas, and fully equipped kitchens. For a larger indoor working space, the City’s spacious townhall can be rented separately.

Indoor Classrooms:

Indoor classes or sessions can be held in the smaller classroom Studio/Rose Tree Art Gallery for groups up to 8 participants. In the summer months, plenty of outdoor spaces are available throughout the gardens and yards surrounding the cottages.  For larger groups, the beautiful spacious Community Hall in downtown Mitchell can also be rented separately for a reasonable daily rate.

The Rose Tree Gallery also holds exhibits from local artists and exhibitions.

Mount - painted hills

Outdoor Classrooms:

Breathtaking landscapes such as the Painted Hills, Ochoco National Forest or Sutton Mountain, besides other exciting points of interest, offer inspiration and a special setting for your outdoor events, adding to the unique experience of any retreat. The magic gardens surrounding the cottages are also inviting for holding your class or workshop outdoors.

The Garden Spaces:

The beautiful floral gardens surrounding the cottages are a vibrant Oasis in the Desert! They feature magic places, nooks and crannies, plenty of outdoor furniture for holding an event or a special presentation. The old shady trees are an invitation to hang out, relax, or gather for a picnic after classes. Relax in the shade of the old fruit trees or have a BBQ or picnic after classes! BBQ’s are available to have a grill party! The “Common Ground” area invites you to hang out together, play some outdoor games, have a garden party, or do some stargazing in the night.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have, and let’s start the conversation if we can accommodate your special interest retreat.